– Can I share my shooting package
No, you cant. 
– Can I add guns to my package? 
Yes you can. In the end of every event we show the other guns on the range and if you would like to try them you can do it.
– Can I change some guns in the package? 
Yes, you can. But the package price can be changed. you have to ask in advance to get a special price. We are try to be very flexible. 
– Can I shoot with a full-auto gun in the range? 
No, you cant. In Hungary the Full-auto and silenced guns are prohibited. 
– Can we shoot different packages in the same group?
Yes, you can. But you need to let us know in advance. We try to be flexible. 
– Can I join a group if I’m alone? 
No, you cant. But we do events for silgle persons also.
– Do I have to book in advance? 
Yes, you have to. You can do it through the booking page or via a phone call: Zoli +36308378185
– Do i need to pay deposit in advance? 
Yes, you need to pay 5000 Huf/person.
– Whats happening if the group is less than we booked?
Nothing special. You will have to pay after the shooters. But if you know the number is changing please let us know.
– How long can I late? 
If you ordered help in transport please dont late. We try to be flexible but we need a partnership on it. If we meet in the range we can be more flexible, but it can happen you will have to wait in our waiting room.
-When is the latest when I can cancel the event? 
 You can cancel your event with 100% refund 48 hours before your event should starts. Within 48 hours we cannot do any refund.
– How far is the range from the city center? 
Its around 5 minutes from the city center.
1087. Budapest. Kőbányai út 19.
-Spectators allowed to watch? 
Yes, but we need to know in advance. Just a limited number of spectators allowed.
– What is the instructions language
You will get your instructions in english language. 
– What should I wear.
Can be anything comfortable.
-Pregnant person can be in the range? 
Not on the room where is the shooting is.
– Can we do pictures and videos. 
Yes, you can. Your guide will let you know where you can make them. Safe first!